The Essentials of Life Mediation will provide qualified mediators and a neutral place for your
conversation to take place. All parties will go through the pre-mediation process and should have a
similar understanding of how the process will work.  Essentials of Life staff will not negotiate points
between the parties prior to the mediation.  If there are issues that need to be negotiated or
clarified, the parties must do that independently or wait until they come to the table to negotiate.

Scheduling: We will make arrangements for a date and time that will work for all parties. Inform  us
of any concerns or constraints that you may have.  If you need to cancel, reschedule, or change
your availability to mediate, please email us or call us.  (218-477-7774)

Process: As outlined in the Guide for Participants for Mediation, the mediation process has several
components that can make this a beneficial option for parties in conflict. Please contact us If you
have questions about any of the following mediation components:
•  Voluntary nature of mediation                                • The role of outside experts
•  Informed decision making by the parties                • The role of the mediators
•  Confidentiality                                                        • The role of the parties

Fees:  Fees are due and payable at the time of each mediation session.  The fee is $75/hour per

Who should participate in mediation?

Identify who you think should be present in order to have a full discussion about the issues that will
help you to reach your goals. Should there be a conflict about who is present, that issue will be
explored with the participants before the first mediation session.  

Questions to Consider:
What do you hope to accomplish by mediating?  What are your goals?

What are the issues or topics that you need to address to accomplish your goals?

Are there outside experts that you need to consult or is there information you need before you
come to mediation?  

Is there anything that will help you to communicate better during the mediation?

Are there any barriers that may keep you from having a constructive conversation?