Light my (OUR) Fire!!

As I added firewood to the embers this morning of this last day of the year and first day of the rest of our lives, I realize that one log won’t do it.  If I only add one log to the embers the fire  won’t blaze and in fact, if I add two logs but don’t put them close together the fire won’t last very long.

We can accomplish so much more working together.  Mediation is one of many effective ways to accomplish much more.

With two logs in the fire, it is blazing but I’m going to add another log and the fire will really blaze!!

Let’s make a new years resolution to work together and to spend the rest of our lives adding logs to the fire of cooperation, problem solving, and LOVE.  May we remember that we can even love our enemies and be loving to ourselves simultaneously.

The fire is dieing down a little.  I will add a log now!!  Please add a log for you and me.

The fire still wasn’t blazing!  I rearranged the logs. I notice two logs were wet.  That is, not very ready to cooperate.  I also noticed I had the logs packed too tight.  With no room for oxygen, the fire is strangled.  Certainly people need a little breathing space.  Eventually I got the fire blazing and saw the beautiful multicolored fire.

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