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Couple Stressors

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

The top 5 stressors for couples: (Source: based on 20,000 couples who completed a customized version of the PREPARE/ENRICH  Marriage Course):

Dating couples:  job, feeling emotionally upset, inadequate income, your partner, too much work at house;
Engaged Couples:   job, financial concerns, cost of wedding, lack of exercise, lack of sleep;
Married Couples:  spouse, job, feeling emotionally upset, inadequate income, too much to do around house;

Data shows women report slightly higher stress levels than men.  Men & women report slightly different sources of stress.  Many couples are not aware of their partner’s source of stress.  Data suggest all men in all stages stress about jobs, finances, and their partner.  Women report “too much to do around the house” in addition to citing the above.  Feeling emotionally upset makes the top 5 for both men and women in the dating and married stages of a relationship, but does not make the top 5 for engaged couples.