Reiki is an “eastern” ancient healing art.  The word “Reiki” means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a
system of subtle, natural, and vibrational healing.  This energy is the life force itself.  Reiki is
considered a complementary, holistic and integrative (mind, spirit, and body) therapy, with no medical
contraindications.  Reiki is not the same as chi, ki, or prana, but is related to it. Reiki is used to replenish
and re-balance the body’s natural bioenergetic system, which stimulates the natural healing process in a
way that moves with your body’s natural healing, not counter to it.  The living body, whether human or
animal, radiates energy, and an inner intelligence; this directs the metabolic processes on a cellular level
and harmonizes the nervous system. A Reiki treatment opens and aligns your own natural and unique
inner resources.

Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have gained the interest of many. When “western
medicine” lost its spiritual emphasis, then CAM’s methods of healing were discounted. Reiki is often
used as the only treatment for a person’s concerns, but just as often, Reiki is used in conjunction with
other modalities, such as chiropractic care, natural supplements and herbs, psychotherapy,
pharmacotherapy, etc.  Visit Dr.
Andrew Weil’s website  for an endorsement on the use of Reiki, visit for cancer treatment,  and visit the National Center for Complementary and
Alternative Medicine site for an overview of Reiki.

Everyone has energy that flows throughout their body.  Reiki states that the body has its own energy
system of positive and negative flow.  There are many energy vortexes (chakras) within the body, varying
in size; their functions are to take in, exchange, and release energy from our body.  When there is no
blockage of energy, there is health.  Where there is a blockage or imbalance, one can become unhealthy;
examples which block the natural energy flow include a stressful life style,  spiritual blah, migraine
headaches, fibromyalgia, cancer, HIV/AIDS, IBS, PMS, etc.  Reiki restores positive energy flow to
enhance your natural healing system through your body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki does not claim to heal
pathology in the late stages, but if used early in the prevention/intervention/disease process, it can
rebuild and then maintain well-being. During Reiki, I use a treatment of twelve hand positions at key
energy points in the body, some with touch and some without touch.  The client’s subconscious draws
the treatment that is optimal for their own growth, as Reiki by-passes the conscious mind.  The
blockages of energy are broken up or dislodged; these blockages may be released through laughter,
tears, forgiveness, peacefulness, closure, and so on. After a Reiki treatment, a client may notice more
self-awareness, clarity, and composure.   As within (you), so without (how you are in the world).

Reiki is one modality of healing that may be right for you.  Your conscious and subconscious wishes for
healing may be the same, or different. There may be some or a great deal of fear in your conscious mind,
but your subconscious mind wants to heal your body, mind, and spirit. The method and the pace of
healing is your decision. Reiki does not harm; there are no contraindications for Reiki.  Reiki is utilized
for physical, mental, and spiritual health.  You will heal at a pace that is right for you.   Reiki states that
the body has its own energy system of positive and negative flow.

What happens in a session cannot be predicted; though the client may want a specific outcome, Reiki is
open-ended as the healing goes where it is needed.  

                                           Your body, mind, and spirit want a return to wholeness.